Born Beast Academy is a nonprofit agency that provides mentoring, sports training programs and education for the soul. At Born Beast we believe that all children deserve a complete mind meets body and soul experience that focuses on creating a positive environment that will help children flourish into healthy adults.

Born Beast Academy’s goal is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future. It is no secret that today’s economically and socially at-risk youth, especially boys are just as likely to get involved in criminal behaviors and go to jail as they are to graduate from high school and become productive adults. 

To prevent some of the troubling factors that contribute to this situation by providing athletic training, tutoring and yoga that will complete the mind meets body and soul experience. Studies have shown that juvenile crime rates are consistently reduced in neighborhoods where sports-based youth development programs are improving the leadership and teamwork skills of at-risk teens.We want to take the kids and show them the world, show them the possibilties the future may hold. By taking them to different universities and trips to cultural places to interact within different environments and a taste of a atmosphere different from the one their accustomed to. 

Your sponsorship and/or donation will help with the costs for these endeavors. It will also go towards helping with the expenses, the recovery process and tutoring that we provide for our youth and young adults. By making a contribution, your business would receive local recognition and illustrious advertising on multiple social media platforms. This is more than just an opportunity to raise or donate money but to be apart of a change in another’s life, to create an opportunity where it was almost non existent, to do your part in the community by being the model village we hear of raising children. BBA, coupled with your donation/sponsorship will be that much closer to bringing this program to standards exceeding the needs of our participants and meeting the golden standard we set for our selves as a company to ensure that our members/participants feel accomplished progressive, positive and enlightened during this journey. 




We hope we can count on you to support our organization and we appreciate your time. Please contact James Boyd Jr. (323)489-0875 or email, to accept your donation and arrange for advertising. 




James Boyd Jr.